ChatGPT is coming, Beijing profile pull-bending network power CNC pull-bending!

Here comes the ChatGPT. What is a ChatGPT? In the end, he is 90% of the truth to gain your trust, with 10% of the most critical lies to change your correct understanding; Feeding you with technology, making you give up thinking and become dependent. So it's a new tool for peaceful evolution, one that lets people abandon normal thinking, correct cognition, and at the same time lets people abandon logical thinking, technical thinking and innovative thinking. Is a new bridgehead for peaceful evolution.

Then think of the strong development of digital economy, even some units have begun to make all business into a digital platform, but the current operating system, software and hardware in the digital field are not controlled in their own hands, can imagine, even dare to imagine, a certain operating system and chip is hidden spyware. In front of the powerful function of ChatGPT, Internet users in mainland China are more transparent in the eyes of Americans, and they are faced with a severe situation of network security. There is a long way to go in China's network information security.

Inbee has to build our own regional network architecture. This program, which can penetrate into every corner of the Chinese Internet infinitely, has the same nature as the Trojan virus. Once it is controlled or implanted in the self-destruct program, it will be devastating to the people's livelihood and enterprises, as well as to the military industry and national defense. How does the software think? Of course, gathering all the information, processing it, analyzing it, synthesizing it, and coming up with solutions. What's great is the ability to gather information, the ability to process information. So surely it's going to be searching everywhere, saying it's not a spy, wondering what it could be? Therefore, the state must pay attention to, then the loss can be immeasurable. If you don't master the most advanced technology, someone else will surely circumvent all your limitations!

This problem always reminds us that others have better weapons than us. If we want to compete with each other and win, we must strengthen ourselves and let our technology be advanced enough, so as not to be strangled by the other side!


The exposure of such problems is not a bad thing, but a good thing. Not only let us see that the United States is indeed strong in technology marketing, but also let us see that its technological advancement is still ahead of us, but also urge us to take the problem of technological innovation and progress more seriously! National defense and finance should have an independent network system. As long as it is connected to the public network or the external network, there will be a leak crisis. The super fast speed of self-learning evolution, if used by the enemy virus program design, will make the virus software more secretive, more terrible is the virus itself will upgrade.

CNC pull bending network power: GPT, can let it read the text in a specific environment, complete the information processing. You can program in GPT -- (ChatGPT is now generally considered better at programming than word processing, probably because programming is a more standardized activity);

-Learn a subject in the form of questions and answers;

- High quality translation between Chinese and English;

-Modify the article to be more authentic;

-Write directly according to your intentions;

- Write poetry;

- Provide creative ideas for book titles, Outlines, novel plots, advertisements, etc.;

- To help you develop recommendations for fine drawing and bending.