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Building materials

Shuttle-type louver grating




1. The processing difficulty of shuttle-type sunshade louvers mainly has the following two points:

A. Since it is an irregular surface of spindle type, it is easy to change the shape of section in the process of stretching and bending (difficult to control).

B. The overall shape is spliced by four different sections of profiles. When stretching and bending, the size changes caused by the deformation of each profile section should be taken into account, otherwise it cannot be combined

2, Beijing Shengda Weiyi profile bending factory researchers and technical workers after painstaking study, designed a unique fixture and molding mold, so that the section deformation of the profile in the process of stretching and bending is very small, so as to ensure a small size change, after the completion of stretching and bending is very convenient for customers to assemble and process, but also makes the patchwork after the sunshade louver joint uniform, neat and beautiful, Improve the appearance quality of the project.

Project example: Beijing Automotive Research and Development Base