Beijing Shengda Weiye profile bending plant successfully held 2023 annual start up mobilization conference

The reunion day always passes quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and everyone returns to their familiar jobs again, starting the journey of struggle in the New Year.

In the days of spring, Beijing Shengda Weiye profile bending factory ushered in the "2023 annual start mobilization conference".

The past "2022" was an extremely difficult year. In the complex global environment, various factors superimposed, resulting in unprecedented difficulties for us. However, with the concerted efforts of all staff, we successfully completed the tasks assigned by the company and customers! Thank all employees! Thank you all for your efforts!

New Year, new starting point, new challenge, new hope, President Wang's speech unified the thinking of all departments, firm confidence, gather strength, summarize the deficiencies, praise the excellent.


Leaders of each department elaborated the annual work plans of each department and put forward two strengthening viewpoints:

1. Focus on product quality

2. Do a good job in production safety. We hope that we can open up a new understanding and pattern, overcome difficulties together with enterprises, unite as one, push forward, and complete various work excellently.

Beijing Shengda Weiye profile bending plant successfully held 2023 annual start up mobilization conference

Our work in 2023 is more demanding, more difficult and more demanding.

Internally, we must be strict with ourselves. We must be united in good faith, do our utmost, and fulfill our duties to ensure that the annual targets and tasks are fully accomplished.

Externally, we will accelerate the expansion of new channels and new markets. Only in this way can we stand in front of the industry!

A year's plan begins in spring. Consciously unify thoughts and actions into this year's work objectives and tasks, and enter the work state as soon as possible. We should be more enthusiastic, more solid style, more effective measures, wholeheartedly into the work, let us join hands, with full enthusiasm for work, high fighting spirit, lock the target, firm confidence, unity, go all out to fight the production battle!