Answers to Frequently Asked Questions-Profile Bending

As the top Chinese high-tech and professional bending industry leader, Beijing Shengda Weiye Bending Company provides various bending services, including curtain wall bending, Aluminum-clad wood bending, steel bending and subway beam bending. Our company was one of the first few companies that obtained Bending Quality Management System Certification in this industry. With our honest and professional work ethic, our company is looking forward to meeting with both new and old customers! We are now answering some of the questions that are frequently asked online.

Question: What is profile bending?

    Answer: Chinese profile bending experts from Beijing Shengda Weiye Company explains as follow. Profile bending is     commonly used in producing components for airplanes and cars. Fuselage, leading edge and trailing edge are important     bending parts in airplanes. Because these parts directly affect airplane’s aerodynamic force, their accuracy in size and     shape are very important in bending process. In car producing process, profile bending is used to shape its configuration     and bumper. It helps to reduce the car’s weight and thus decrease the cost. Bending technique is able to shape aluminum     profile precisely. However, due to the variation of cross-section, it is easy to wrinkle and fracture during the bending     process. 

Question: What do you bend and what is it for?

Answer: Mostly we bend metals. Typically, we straighten the profile first, and then bend it. Stretch bending and roll   bending are two major methods in profile bending. They are both cold-forming operation.

Question: What is aluminum profile bending time limit. 

Answer: It is a limited time period to process the profiles. If it is expired, bending could be much more complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes, it could cause the welding line to distort or fracture.