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Plant process

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  • Incoming material inspection

    Check profile section size, profile flatness, blank length, surface quality as required, paying special attention to surface defects.

  • Die opening

    According to the shape and size of the parts, choose the appropriate mold and bending machine, finalize and debug.

  • Preparatory work

    Clean and apply lubricant to ensure the processing area is clean and lubricated.

  • milling

    For the inverse T-frame, the section section needs to be milling before stretching bending. In order to ensure that the size after stretching bending meets the requirements, we milling on the milling machine, processing size to the nominal value +2mm.

  • Preparatory work

    Clean and apply lubricant to ensure the processing area is clean and lubricated.

  • Pretension bending

    In the drawing and bending machine, using the drawing and bending die and the drawing and bending chuck, by controlling the drawing and bending parameters (drawing and bending force, drawing and bending Angle, etc.), the blank is predrawn and bent to meet the requirements of preforming.

  • Stretch bending

    Start the machine to start the stretching and bending processing, on the basis of controlling the processing speed, temperature and other parameters. In the process of processing should always pay attention to the processing effect and quality, in order to timely adjust the process parameters

  • trim

    Check the flatness and Angle of the two surfaces to ensure that these values meet the requirements. For R values, you can use the three-roll bending machine to assist dressing, and trim to our predetermined shape

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    After the stretching and bending process is completed, the machine and fixture need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and processing quality