China profile bending, the global leader!


China profile bending, the global leader!

China profile bending, the global leader, Construction profiles come in a wide variety.  Shengda Weiye Bending uses extensive, modern machinery to bend standard construction profiles and customer-specific regular or rolling profiles. The flagship of the fleet is Europe's largest and heaviest profile bending machine. This powerful machine rolls profiles of up to 1,000 mm and pipes of up to Ø610 mm. The wide range of machines makes it possible to curve a large variety of types and sizes in almost any desired radius, taking into account specific (tolerance) requirements.

Profiles can be bent in 2D and 3D.  Shengda Weiye Bending has developed a specialization in the 3D curving of light and heavy profiles, where the profile, as well as a radius, also has  a gradient. This technique used to build stairs, art objects, industrial mixers, and in building tracks for roller coasters amongst other things

Depending on the profile properties, the radius and the application of the bent product, the profile is curved according to one of the following bending techniques:

No product specific tooling is required for rolling and the machine does not have to be converted for a specific profile to be bent in various radii. This makes rolling cost technically very interesting.

Excess length is always required for rolling. However, this can be limited by a smart material classification. We will gladly advise you on this.



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