Tianjin Shengdahongye technology Limited Corporation profile


Tianjin Shengdahongye technology Limited Corporation profile

Tianjin Shengdahongye technology Limited Corporation Profile: Profile bending, revolution of architectural decoration industry:! Building, is essential to living and working environment, but for thousands of years, has been lacking of change in shape. It has always been in smooth shape that  lack of charm and colors.

After the reformation revolution, with foreign architectural modeling spreading and introducing, domestic architectural decoration industry has also ushered in a major opportunity and change, adding a lot of curves and design in the building, which also adds cost and difficulty to the architectural decoration market. At the same time, this change has also speed up the development of the bending industry.

Shengda Bending was born and stand out in a such background, we closely follow up the trend of the market and has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. With continuously improving, Beijing Tianjin Shengdahongye Company has successfully experimented thermal broken aluminum alloy flat arc bending, and aluminum-clad wood flat arc profile bending, etc. those seem to unable to break through at that time .

In the past two years, we have purchased a large tonnage bending machine with large cross-section, accompanying validation platform, measuring tools and other tooling equipment, which speed up the unit curtain walls sections bending development, and finally made great achievements. We assist many manufacturers to complete a number of influential works , such as Beijing Yizhuang AVIC International Plaza, Beijing Poly international Plaza, Beijing Olympic Center project, Shandong Zibo Colorful City project, Beijing Tongzhou Beijing Automotive powertrain base project, etc. and obtained lots of praise from the customers.

We will continue to work with a high-tech and professional focus. Our service is based on honest, meticulous, and enthusiastic principles. We are looking forward to cooperate with our  customers, hoping to reach the double win result.

To create another glory of Tianjin Shengdahongye technology Limited Corporation.



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Email: bjsdwylwc@163.com

Add: 500 meters north to Wuyao village, Lucheng Development Zone, Tongzhou District , Beijing

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