Bending the Bridge from the East to the West


Bending the Bridge from the East to the West

Beijing Shengda Weiye is a professional bending company. Our company’s headquarter is located in Beijing. In 2016, Beijing Shengda Weiye opened a second bending office in Tianjin, which includes a professional, skillful and innovative bending team. In 2017, Beijing Shengda Weiye expands its office to Los Angeles in the United States. This helps us to open the door for international bending service. We are the first Chinese company that provides international bending services to the world. Not only do we provide services to developing countries, but also we cooperate with developed countries. Our bending products include unit wall and windows, subways, buses and other industrial components. We are looking forward to cooperating with new clients in the world!



Contact: Mr. Wang

Phone: +86-13501000803

Tel: +86-13501000803


Add: 500 meters north to Wuyao village, Lucheng Development Zone, Tongzhou District , Beijing

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